Update to solaris package creation

Darren Tucker dtucker at zip.com.au
Tue Mar 5 19:11:17 EST 2002

Tim Rice wrote:
> Here is a new buildpkg.sh for your review before commiting to CVS.

I found this a bit untidy:

ETCDIR=`grep "^sysconfdir=" Makefile | sed 's/sysconfdir=//'`
prefix=`grep "^prefix=" Makefile | cut -d = -f 2`        
PIDDIR=`grep "^piddir=" Makefile | cut -d = -f 2`        
SRCDIR=`grep "^srcdir=" Makefile | cut -d = -f 2`        

I used someting like this, however it does mean a couple of
search-and-replaces (eg ETCDIR -> sysconfdir):

for confvar in prefix exec_prefix bindir sbindir libexecdir datadir
mandir sysconfdir piddir
        eval $confvar=`grep "^$confvar=" Makefile | cut -d = -f 2`


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