Update to solaris package creation

Ben Lindstrom mouring at etoh.eviladmin.org
Wed Mar 6 14:29:40 EST 2002

Over all it looks fine.. only comment I have is preremove and preinstall
scripts should not exist if you tell it not to start/stop OpenSSH
from the package.

If they do exist then the admin be prompted..  With the default 'n' if
your doing a non-attendented install.

Mainly because build time is not the correct time to decide if OpenSSH
should be started or stopped.  Again we revert back to Admin's (installer)

One could argue the same about hardlinks vs softlinks also.. But I
won't make it since I don't care. =)

- Ben

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, Tim Rice wrote:

> Here is a new buildpkg.sh for your review before commiting to CVS.
> THe patch was larger than the script so I've attached the complete script.
> Changes:
> This should now work on any system that has SVR4 style package tools.
> It now requires that you run it from your build dir. (you might have
> a read only source tree).
> CATAGORY="Security,application"
> Solaris 8 man page says
>      CATEGORY*
>            A comma-separated list of  categories  under  which  a
>            package  may  be  displayed.  A  package must at least
>                                                     ^^^^
>            belong  to  the  system   or   application   category.
> One could argue that it should be system instead of application.
> Added and enhanced Antonio Navarro's awk mods.
> >     - modified the awk script that filters the prototype so that the system
> > directories are marked as shared (using ? for permissions, owner and group)
> All system directories listed in SYSTEM_DIR= will have ? ? ?
> Now using nawk because on Solaris, awk is the old version.
> There are now some options on building your package.
> You can change the options in buildpkg.sh or create a config.local
> file in your build dir that buildpkg.sh will source of it exists.
> SYSVINIT_NAME=opensshd		(Some might prefer sshd)
> The consensus was use hard links on the init scripts.
> Set to yes for sym links.
> PRE_INS_STOP=no		If you want preinstall to stop sshd
> POST_INS_START=no	If you want postinstall to start sshd
> MAKE=${MAKE:="make"}	In case your system make is brain dead
> I've added a preremove that will stop sshd before removing it.
> I've renamed the config files so multiple installs will not overwrite.
> (Thanks to Darren Tucker for reminding me about ssh_prng_cmds)
> Added some logic to deal with systems that don't have /etc/rcS.d
> Fixed the pkgmk, pkgtrans parts to work on Solaris and other systems.
> Enjoy.
> --
> Tim Rice				Multitalents	(707) 887-1469
> tim at multitalents.net

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