IRIX SSH oddity

Richard Bonomo bonomo at
Sat Mar 9 14:10:57 EST 2002

I installed an SGI-compiled binary distribution
of openssh and opensshd on our IRIX 6.5.x
 systems.  I am finding that when I run ssh
on my workstations, I keep getting this
"Not enough entropy in RNG" error.  It seems
to be getting worse in that it took, literally,
20-40 attempts before I finally got to 
a password request on a couple of occasions today.
(It had been taking 3 or 4).  Whom could I ask
about this?  This is truly annoying, and I have
not been able to find much about this particular
problem from the sources I have checked so far...

I think this is version 2.9p2


Richard Bonomo
UW Space Astronomy Laboratory
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