[Bug 141] openssh-3.1p1-1.src.rpm will not build on RedHat Linux 6.1

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Sat Mar 9 14:43:39 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From cajoline at chaosengine.de  2002-03-09 14:43 -------
I have verified this problem. I built rpms from the openssh-3.1p1-2 redhat 
srpm (modified spec) and installed it on the same system, RHL 6.2 i386, 2.2.19-
6.2.12 errata kernel, with openssl-0.9.5a-7.6.x installed.
However, in my experience, the problem only occurs if AES-256 or AES-192 
ciphers are used; ssh and sshd both work fine as long as they are not forced 
to use these two ciphers.
This is just fyi, installing openssl 0.9.6 solves the problem, as noted in the 
last comment.

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