Writing a Java OpenSSH implementation

Brett Porter brettporter at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 12 09:13:39 EST 2002


I'm currently writing an SSH library for Java that
will have a BSD license. The main reason for this is
so that it can be freely incorporated into Apache Ant,
but also because there doesn't seem to be any free,
comprehensive implementations. A couple of SSH1
implementations under GPL, and then Mindbright v1
(GPL) which has gone commercial since.

The website is: 
(better names welcome :)

Now, my intention is to roughly port OpenSSH as much
as possible into Pure Java (obviously C to OO doesn't
always go smoothly, but so far so good). This allows
patches in OpenSSH to be ported quickly to Java within
reason. I'm using JCE (which is now standard in the
latest Sun JDK) to replace the OpenSSL calls.

Is there someone I can speak to about various
license/copyright issues? I'm planning on retaining
the copyright and disclaimer of the C source files
that the Java is based on, and adding my own to the

Also, is this the appropriate place to ask dev.
questions? I have a pretty reasonable knowledge of
crypto algorithms, but am only starting out on the way
SSH uses them and its internals. I don't want to be
intrusive here, but I imagine the newsgroup/user list
is probably not the right place.

Finally, how would I get the project listed on the web
page with the other limited list? I'd like to speed
interest in the project as much as possible and
hopefully grab a couple of extra Java developers :)

Oh, and out of interest - I live in Sydney, Australia.
So my mail should be fast since this mail server is in
Melbourne :)

Thanks in advance for your help!


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