scp and Solaris ACLs

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Wed Mar 13 09:23:35 EST 2002

Interesting question:

    Can rcp be cajoled to use ssh as its transport?

    What happens if rsh is symlinked to ssh, but rcp is kept identical?


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> >Has anyone had a problem with scp not retaining ACLs set on the original
> >file under Solaris 8?  When I have a file that has ACLs set and I use scp
> They won't be preserved because the code to do so doesn't exist.
> >or rsync -e ssh to copy the file (local->local or local->remote) the ACLs
> >are gone from the copied file(s).  Is this a known issue or am I just
> >missing something (a flag for instance) when performing the copy?  Thanks
> >in advance for your help.
> rcp in Solaris does preserve them but only because it uses a special
> version of rcp on both sides.
> This only makes sense if the source and destination are both Solaris.
> rcp in Solaris works this out by looking for the presence of
> as the command to run, if it exists (it is actually a link to
/usr/bin/rcp) it
> knows that acls can be passed.
> A similar think would need to be done for scp.  The scp in Solaris 9 does
> NOT contain this support.
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