SecurID support for OpenSSH

Václav Tomec v_t_m at
Tue Mar 26 01:53:34 EST 2002

Hello all, 

I have made integration of SecurID authentication into 
OpenSSH 3.1p1. 

In this solution, 3 types of authentication are prepared 
to support SecurID tokens: 
- password authentication (*) 
- keyboard interactive authentication (**) 
- securid-1 at authentication (implemented especially by 
commercial clients) (**) 

(*) usable only when SecurID card is in "normal" state (not NewPIN 
or NextTokencode) 
(**) fully supports all SecurID states 

This patch is implemented only for SSH2 protocol, modifying 
only the server side. Clients remain unchanged, 
so you can use the client that you prefer. 

To properly configure and compile, you need ACE/Agent 3.x installed. 
I am working on conversion of this patch for ACE/Agent 5.x. 
This patch will be suitable for both agents then. 

Details (implementation, configuration, ...) are described in 
README.SecurID file located on distribution site. 

Patch and documentation available at: 

Vaclav Tomec 

Budte GEnius. Mejte vsech pet pohromade.

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