scp problem...

Manuel Cardeñas mcardenas at
Tue Mar 26 03:58:22 EST 2002

	Hello again...

	I'm having a problem with scp. My openssh is 3.1p1 version.

	host01 is ok and host02 is bad.

	from host01:	scp user at host02:/tmp/file	FAILED
	from host02: 	scp user at host01:/tmp/file	OK

	Both machines has the same version and the same compilations parameters, 
botch machines has the same Red Hat 7.2 distribution and 
updates.(--prefix=/blah/blah ONLY)

	The error is that the file size doesn´t correct.

	Sending file modes: C0644 17592186044416 file


manu:		mcardenas at

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