Replacing WinInet functions with OpenSSH API Calls

Welch, Larry Larry.Welch at
Tue Aug 30 21:49:54 EST 2005


I'm working with a solution which makes use of the WinINet API  (FTP
functions) to FTP files from a Windows 2K client to a AIX server.  While
this works fine, my current client wants me to use Secure FTP.  They are
running OpenSSH 3.71p, and the requirements are to not change the server
side daemon, and only change my client calls. 

While I'm fine with this, my current implementation takes advantage of
WinINets ability to completely manage the file transfer session.  I'm
simply making calls to InternetOpen(), FtpPutFile() and
InternetCloseHandle().  Is there a possibility that I can make API level
calls with OpenSSH and replace my WinINet calls?  If so, I have not been
able to locate API's to do so, and would appreciate some pointers to

If there is an API available, or an API based solution, I'm interested
in FREE or purchasing a commercial version.  I just want to meet the
requirements of my customer.

Thank you,

Larry Welch

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