Openssh for Windows

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Agree. Our proposal is to use SSL natively (IPSec creates other problems
for us). However, I have to provde some analysis on why SSH is not
suitable. Believe the lack of a openware, stable and secured SSH server
for Windows itself suffices.


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Hi Patel,

On Mon, 28 Jul 2008, Patel Dippen-CDP054 wrote:

> I have Windows Services running on different Windows machines and they

> talk to each other. I need to protect the communication between these 
> 2 services. One approach is using SSL. I am trying to investigate the 
> feasibility of using SSH tunnels so that I do NOT have to modify the 
> Applications.

IPSec is probably the best tool for this job. Adding SSH tunneling and
port forwarding to the mix will only complicate matters, probably not
perform as well, and subtly changes semantics of things like connect()
which could break your application in odd ways.

Cheers, Chris.
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