[netflow-tools] A small bug

Damien Miller djm at mindrot.org
Mon Jul 23 16:37:01 EST 2007

On Tue, 10 Jul 2007, zhangjinxue § wrote:

> Dear Mr. Miller,
>          When I ran flowd-0.9 in my Sparc64 box, I found that when a v9
> template arrives, the same DEBUG info will show:
>                    ¡°short netflow v.9 flowset  template
> 0x00000011/0x00000104 88 bytes from *.*.*.*¡±, so I can¡¯t receive data
> flowsets
>          It is abnormal because I can receive netflow v9 data in my 32-bits
> box by flowd-0.9.  Through debugging, I think the 883th line in flowd.c
> maybe incorrect since ¡°tmplr¡± is a pointer or address. 
> So
> sizeof(tmplr)= 4 in 32-bits box;
>                      =8 in 64-bits box;
> When I rewrite it as sizeof(*tmplr), it work normally both in 32-bits and
> 64-bits box.

Great work! Your fix is correct and I have just committed it. It
will be in the next release of flowd.

Damien Miller

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