[netflow-tools] patch for softflowd to be able to change privdrop chroot directory

Hitoshi Irino irino at sfc.wide.ad.jp
Sat Nov 26 13:31:03 EST 2011

Hello softflowd developers and users,

I commited (hg pushed) a patch for sfotflowd.

This patchenable to change privdrop chroot direcotry for non BSD

The chroot dir was constant parameter in softflowd.h.
# define PRIVDROP_CHROOT_DIR    "/var/empty"

"/var/empty" exists in (Open)BSD. On the other hand the directory does
not exist in (Ubuntu) Linux.

I added "--with-chrootdir" option in configure.ac. It is able to change
privdrop chroot directory.

If you want to change PRIVDROP_CHROOT_DIR to
"/var/run/softflowd/chroot", please type as follows :
"configure --with-chrootdir=/var/run/softflowd/chroot"

Hitoshi Irino

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