[netflow-tools] Softflowd - 802.1q and IPFIX

Chris Jones cjones at autonomic.ca
Sun Mar 9 10:49:35 EST 2014

Good afternoon folks,

Curious if softflowd has support for 802.1q(or future plans for it)? 
For all our firewall interfaces I would like to use port mirroring on
our Brocade ICX switches to a probe system running OpenBSD 5.4 and
softflowd. Our firewalls (Juniper SRX) have an unfortunate limitation
when exporting J-Flow when operating in an HA chassis cluster
configuration, so I have to resort to using port mirroring for this purpose.

Also, I can see some commits from Hitoshi Irino for IPFIX support. Just
wondering if this is considered stable enough for use in production or
if I should stick to NetFlow v9. I plan to use NfSen/NFDUMP as a collector.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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