[netflow-tools] Softflowd - 802.1q and IPFIX

Hitoshi Irino irino at sfc.wide.ad.jp
Fri Mar 21 19:44:58 EST 2014

Hello Chris,

I committed changes for supporting vlan.

Please check out the source code and compile to use vlan enabled softflowd.

If you want to use vlanid on NetFlow v9,
please use configure option "./configure --enable-nf9-vlan" before "make".
And please use "softflowd -T vlan" (tracking level:vlan) option when you 
use softflowd.

If you want to use vlanid on IPFIX,
Just use "softflowd -T vlan". (It doesn't need "./configure 


(2014/03/09 8:49), Chris Jones wrote:
> Good afternoon folks,
> Curious if softflowd has support for 802.1q(or future plans for it)?
> For all our firewall interfaces I would like to use port mirroring on
> our Brocade ICX switches to a probe system running OpenBSD 5.4 and
> softflowd. Our firewalls (Juniper SRX) have an unfortunate limitation
> when exporting J-Flow when operating in an HA chassis cluster
> configuration, so I have to resort to using port mirroring for this purpose.
> Also, I can see some commits from Hitoshi Irino for IPFIX support. Just
> wondering if this is considered stable enough for use in production or
> if I should stick to NetFlow v9. I plan to use NfSen/NFDUMP as a collector.
> Thanks in advance for your feedback.
> Cheers,
> -Chris
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