Jim Knoble jmknoble at pint-stowp.cx
Thu Jul 20 23:26:41 EST 2000

: On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, TARDIEU Emmanuel wrote:
: > What is the status on sftp ? People here who are not familiar with
: > "command line ftp" would like to use the new spiffy graphical
: > sftp provided with ssh.com new NT client.  As we are planning on
: > replacing all our sshd with openssh, we need sftpd as well.

[To which came the response]

Circa 2000-Jul-20 23:09:21 +1000 dixit Damien Miller:
: sftp is not supported by OpenSSH. There is no specification of the
: protocol used by the commercial ssh sftp and no one has reverse 
: engineered it.
: I don't know of any replacements with spiffy graphical interfaces,
: but you may be able to use rsync. Rsync has been ported to NT and 
: uses some clever algorithms to reduce network traffic.

A recent release of gftp is supposed to allow file transfer via SSH:


I have no idea whether it works with OpenSSH or, if so, how well.

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