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Circa 2000-Jul-20 09:26:41 -0400 dixit Jim Knoble:

: A recent release of gftp is supposed to allow file transfer via SSH:
:   http://freshmeat.net/news/2000/07/09/963181411.html
:   http://freshmeat.net/appindex/1998/12/04/912798127.html
: I have no idea whether it works with OpenSSH or, if so, how well.

gftp-2.0.7 apparently requires a package called 'sftp' (not the program
accompanying F-Secure's SSH), also referred to as 'Secure FTP':


I've just built and installed sftp-0.9.5 and tried out gftp with the
"SSH transport" (meaning that gftp uses the ssh client to invoke the
sftp server on the remote end).  It seems to work as one would expect
any FTP session to work.  (The only problem i've encountered is that
gftp insists on asking for a password, even if i have private-key
authentication set up and ssh-agent running.  If i press 'Connect' with
a blank password, gftp refuses to connect.  Entering arbitrary text as
the password seems to allow me to connect.  I vote that it's a bug in

Sftp notes that it's not been ported to any non-Unix platform (i don't
remember whether that was a requirement).  I have no knowledge of
whether gftp has been or is able to be ported to not-Unix platforms.


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