duplicate log entries

Alex alex at forbin.diebold.net
Mon Mar 13 17:00:59 EST 2000

When i use openssh's UseLogin option (i.e. set it to "Yes").. i get
duplicate entries in the wtmp file (when i type 'last' it displays
users who logged on via sshd twice), like this:

tempest          ttyp4    Sat Mar 11 22:33 - 14:03 (15:29)
tempest          ttyp4    1cust126.tnt5.ta Sat Mar 11 22:33   still logged in

note however that this is AFTER a user has logged off.  It shows how
long the user was logged on in the first entry (the one by login(1)) and
correctly logs only the IP address.

However, sshd STILL logged the entry, incorrectly i might add, saying the
user is 'still logged in' as well as logging the whole hostname
(which gets cut off) instead of just the IP address.  

An obvious solution is to set UseLogin to "No" and have sshd do the
logging.  This however doesn't solve the problem that sshd doesn't
properly 'log off' users (with respect to the wtmp) and logs those ugly
long hostnames letting them get cut off (instead of nicely logging just
the IP). 

How can i make sshd log via ONLY login(1) w/o sshd re-logging the event,
OR How can i make sshd do the logging properly (not logging hostnames that
get cut off). The OpenSSH version I'm working with is 1.2.2. Thank you in


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