Problems with SSH2 display under OpenServer

Greg Jewell gjewell at
Tue Mar 13 10:15:59 EST 2001


There appears to be a display issue when connecting to an OpenServer
system using SSH2.  I've compiled OpenSSH 2.5.1p1 on SunOS 5.7, HP-UX
11, and OpenServer 5.0.5.  Whenever the destination is the OpenServer
system, the display has a step-ladder effect.  This behavior exhibits
itself no matter what box the origination point is.

A quick inspection revealed that the stty settings of the login are not
"standard".  Manually changing the stty settings for that session
alleviates the problem.  Of course, when you reconnect, the problem pops
up again.

I've compiled the various systems using OpenSSL 0.9.6, zlib 1.1.3, and
the most recent version of gcc available for each platform.

Thanks for your time,
Greg Jewell

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