scp 2.9.9p2 doesn't work

Lars Hecking lhecking at
Mon Oct 1 08:54:57 EST 2001

Greg writes:
> On 09/29/01 08:39 AM, Lars Hecking wrote:
> > I just upgraded openssh on my Solaris 8 boxes from 2.9p2 to 2.9.9p2,
> > and scp has stopped working. Remote logins with ssh do work, though.
> > Both client and server run 2.9.9p2.
> See the "2.9.9p2 bug in PAM support" thread started on 9/28.  Configure 
> without PAM or try the one line change suggested by Brent Nelson.

 Thanks, Greg, I'll check it out tomorrow.

 On a related note, how does one configure ssh support in Solaris' pam?

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