[Bug 251] openssh-3.2.2p1-1.src.rpm won't build under RH6.2

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Mon May 20 09:29:41 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From seba at iq.pl  2002-05-20 09:29 -------
update bug info 
error at link time: 
i386-redhat-linux-gcc -o ssh ssh.o sshconnect.o sshconnect1.o sshconnect2.o 
sshtty.o readconf.o clientloop.o -L. -Lopenbsd-compat/  -L/usr/kerberos/lib -l 
ssh -lopenbsd-compat -lresolv -lutil -lz -lnsl /usr/lib/libcrypto.a -lkrb5 -l 
k5crypto -lcom_err 
only when: 
# Do we want to link against a static libcrypto? (1=yes 0=no) 
%define static_libcrypto 1 

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