Curious about final KRB5/GSSAPI patch inclusion.

Simon Wilkinson sxw at
Wed May 22 00:26:35 EST 2002

On 18 May 2002, Austin Gonyou wrote:

> Simon, or anyone else, If you're listening, can you let us know if there
> will be a new patch set for 3.2.2p1 for gssapi or mit-kerberos pieces
> like before.

The MIT Kerberos pieces are now incorporated in the portable
distribution. They only work (by design) with protocol version 1. The
standard way of doing Kerberos with protocol version 2 is through the
GSSAPI, which still requires patches. Patches for 3.2.2p1 should be
available Real Soon Now.

> As I stated in latest mail, krb5 auth works with passwords only as far
> as I can tell right now. Ticket based auth does *not* seem to work. TIA.

Are you establishing a version 1 connection - by default ssh uses v2
if the peer supports it. Use the -1 option to ssh.



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