openssh-3.2.3p1: Problem with make install after configure --prefix=

Patrick McGleenon patrick.mcgleenon at
Fri May 31 23:14:25 EST 2002


I built openssh on solaris 2.6 after running 
configure --prefix=/my/install/dir --with-ssl-dir=/where/ssl/is

Everything compiled Ok but there was a problem when doing make install, as
ssh-rand-helper was looking in the wrong place for prng_command_file, so
here is a patch for ssh-rand-helper.c.  You need to delete a space before
the string.

< # define SSH_PRNG_COMMAND_FILE   SSHDIR "/ssh_prng_cmds"
>  # define SSH_PRNG_COMMAND_FILE   SSHDIR"/ssh_prng_cmds" 



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