contrib/solaris/ - use within JumpStart as well?

Kenneth Lareau elessar at
Thu Nov 28 12:12:28 EST 2002


I just started looking at your script in 3.5p1, and there's a lot of
changes I didn't know of (I was working off the one from 3.4p1, which
didn't have the check/creation of the 'sshd' user).  Let me build
3.5p1 (like I should have done several weeks ago *sigh*), and get
back to you...

Sorry about that. :-/

elessar at

In message <Pine.BSO.4.44.0211271847580.13818-100000 at>, Ben L
indstrom writes:
>On Wed, 27 Nov 2002, Kenneth Lareau wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I don't know how off the wall this question will be, but first let me
>> say that I've found your script very useful in creating
>> an OpenSSH package for use on my Solaris systems.  Currently I'm trying
>> to set up a fully automated JumpStart system at my workplace, and I'm
>> realizing that the 'postinstall' script (and possibly some of the other
>> install scripts) won't work cleanly from within a JumpStart install.
>> Do you know if anyone, perhaps yourself, have tried to make this work?
>> I've given it a few tries myself, but with not much success.
>Ermm.. It should.. I've tried to watch what patches have gone in to ensure
>it works with JumpStart.  It was one of three reasons why I rewrote the
>package software.
>I'd need to have more information as to WHY it is failing.
>For all I know I may have missed commiting a patch from someone in the
>last few months.
>- Ben

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