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Darren Tucker dtucker at zip.com.au
Sat Nov 29 16:00:21 EST 2003

Darren Cole wrote:
> > To summarize options for HP-UX 10.20:
> > 1) make DNS support optional again
> > 2) have people install Bind 8 and patch arpa/inet.h
> > 3) have people install Bind 9 and fix the autoconf handling to actually
> >    support this setup.
> For some options 2 or 3 wont work.  Option one will be preferred by me,
> or at least by hp-ux 10.26 (Trusted CMW).  For our developer machines
> installing a new bind isn't a really big deal.  So what.  The problem
> is the installing it on fielded machines, which is a much bigger deal.
> It takes time, and probably wont be approved (regardless of the need by
> openssh).

Would you need to install BIND on the non-devel machines?  I mean, if you
built BIND with static rather than shared libraries the needed bits of
code would get linked in and you wouldn't need to install anything else on
the targets (ie the same as zlib and openssl are by default now).

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