OpenSSH idea...

Tobias Weingartner weingart at
Thu Oct 2 07:54:56 EST 2003

I'm working at the UofA, and we use openssh all over the place (actually
it's the only remote connection tool we use within our groups domain of
influence.  Save pop I suppose...).  Anyways, for various reasons we have
UseDNS set to ``yes''.  This however is about 50% of our connection problems
that our users have.  Cable and even the DSL ISP's around here suck when it
comes to managing and actually keeping their DNS up-to-date.

Now, if the ssh client had a cookie of sorts (public key?) that it always
sent (generated on first startup) when it connected to the server, I could
envision a scenario where you would cache the tuple <username, cookie, IP,
DNS>.  The <username, cookie> portion would be a "hard key", where both
would need to match in the database.  The <IP, DNS> portion should be
configurable, in our case we would want at least one to match, and upon
a mismatch in either the DNS or IP (DHCP client, or DNS fuckup), to add
that entry into the database as well.  Each entry in the database would
have a lifetime, and this lifetime would be updated each time you hit the
entry in the database.

If your tuple does not exist in the database, I could see sshd spitting
back "Sorry, you're coming from a host/etc that you don't usually come
from, please connect to to authenticate further."
and then closes the connection.  Then on that web-site (or whatever the
admin makes it spit back), you have a means to administer the cache entries.
"So, you're coming in from a web cafe?  Ok, set timeout to 1 day.", etc...

Is this sort of thing doable?  Is it desirable?  Was the above clear?


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