User unable to log into Solaris when password has been expired by root

Manton, Doug dmanton at
Thu Oct 2 22:10:58 EST 2003

I have a question.

Our process for creating a new user account on our Solaris systems is to
force expire (passwd -f) the user's password so they have to chose their own
when they log in.  However, since building OpenSSH 3.7.1p2 I find that new
users are unable to log in with the following syslog messages:

  Oct  2 12:37:42 hostname sshd[1754]: User tester password has expired
(root forced)
  Oct  2 12:37:42 hostname sshd[1754]: Failed none for illegal user tester
from port 33595 ssh2
  Oct  2 12:37:45 hostname sshd[1754]: Failed password for illegal user
tester from port 33595 ssh2

What is the rationale behind this behaviour?  It's not like I have locked
the account -- how can I ensure my new users get access?  Can I simply
modify the test in auth.c or is there a 'proper' way to achieve the desired

Many thanks,
Doug Manton, Managed Security Services
AT&T Business, Building 6000 Langstone Technology Park, Havant, United

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