pam_krb5 errors on OpenSSH3.6.1p2

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Fri Oct 3 16:54:22 EST 2003

Quellyn Snead wrote:
> A few weeks ago, we upgraded our Red Hat 7.3 and 9 machines to OpenSSH
> 3.6.1p2 w/ the corresponding version of Simon's GSSAPI patch.
> All the expected functionality seems to be there: I can ssh/scp/sftp via
> Kerberos tickets or local password. However, I seem to be getting a new
> error message in my logs:
> For Red Hat 7.3:
> Message from syslogd at gallifrey at Thu Oct  2 17:24:12 2003 ...
> gallifrey sshd[1758]: pam_krb5: authenticate error: Input/output error

This sounds like the owl-always-auth change.  There's a discussion and
patch for 3.6.1p2 in this Debian bug:

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