Buffer management bug-fix for 2.5.1p2

arun.mahajan at att.net arun.mahajan at att.net
Fri Oct 17 03:45:53 EST 2003


I got the patch for this bug from the OPENSSH site and as 
I was applying the same to my version of 'buffer.c' I noticed
that this patch, which was in Appendix-A (ver 3.6 and earlier)
was not directly applicable to my version of buffer.c, specifically
the lines of code that have changed for the function, 

For one, my version of this function has 3 arguements whereas the patch 
is to the same function wihich only takes in 2 arguements. The patch-ed
lines are also different, i.e the patch applies to lines that may not
even exist in my version of this file.

In short, would someone point me to a patch that fixes this problem
for Version 2.5.1p2?

(I suppose I could still apply the patch but I do not know if there
are other implications....)

I would certainly prefer to upgrade to the latest OPENSSH version
but that will be inconvenient at this time.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated!

Thank you.


    Arun Mahajan

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