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Circa 2003-10-17 15:24:17 -0700 dixit Stephen Walton:

: Hi,
: I'm having a real difficulty here, and I'll keep this very short;  ask
: for needed details.  I've got two nearly identically configured RedHat 8
: systems, call them A and B.  I've generated keys with passphrases on
: both, added the public key for B to ~/.ssh/authorized_hosts on A and
: vice versa.
: On either machine, I can use ssh-agent with no problems. In particular,
: if I run 'rdist -P /usr/bin/ssh -c testdir myname at B' on A, no passphrase
: is requested.  But the similar command issued on B to try to connect to
: rdistd on A always asks for a passphrase.  This breaks parallel rdist
: updates.  Oddly, if I manually do 'ssh -l myname A rdistd -S' on B,
: rdistd starts fine.
: ssh_config and sshd_config are identical on A and B.

Check permissions on home directory, ${HOME}/.ssh directory, and/or
private key files in ${HOME}/.ssh to make certain they're not readable
or writable by anyone but their user.

Try running an sshd with debugging (-d) on A, then connecting to
it with ssh -v on B.  If nothing helpful appears, you might try
increasing the diagnostic level (-ddd and -vvv respectively).

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