SSH/SSL Help...

Nils Larsch larsch at
Tue Oct 21 18:26:23 EST 2003

joey doughly wrote:
> Hello Everybody,
> I am porting SSH to the AS400 and am having some
> problems in the linking stage. There are some SSL
> components that have function prototypes defined but
> no function definitions for the prototypes. Functions
> like PBEPARAM_free from the file p5_pbe.c and
> DSA_SIG_free from the file dsa_asn1.c. I have noticed
> that these functions are both prototyped and defined
> in the 0.9.6k version release of SSL but I am working
> with the 0.9.7b release where they are not defined.
> Can anyone help me out?

DSA_SIG_free is defined in crypto/dsa_asn1.c via the
IMPLEMENT_ASN1_FUNCTIONS_const macro (see crypto/asn1/asn1t.h).
The same is true for PBEPARAM_free.


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