Bus Error with OpenSSH 3.7.1p2 on Solaris 8, SPARC 64-bit

Thomas Baden lindysandiego at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 22 03:41:57 EST 2003

I do my compilations with the Forte C compiler on
Solaris 8 hardened with YASSP.

The best I can determine is that when compiling 64-bit
Sparcv9 code, a LONG is 64-bits.  On the other hand,
Mode_T appears to be a 32-bit value.  So when doing a
scanf of a long, the code was assuming that a mode_t
and a long are the same size.  The patch which Darren
sent steps around this issue by letting session.c read
a long, and then casts that to mode_t when the value
is referenced.


--- aphor at speakeasy.net wrote:
> The story of this problem, AFAIK, is that Solaris 8
> YASSP and JASS and vigilant/paranoid sysadmins have
> been known to set a restricitve umask in
> /etc/default/login. OpenSSH compatibility for
> Solaris 8 has been spotty at times for sparcv9
> targets. This time, when a sparcv9 binary tries to
> sscanf(3C) the numeric umask as a long octal and put
> it in a mode_t, SIGBUS happens.
> What this looks like in real life is: You are
> running a 64 bit OpenSSH_3.7.1p2
> sshd on Solaris 8, and you have enforced UMASK in
> /etc/default/login. You try to log into this sshd,
> but after all the authentication and channel setup,
> just before you get your shell/command executed
> *POOF*. The daemon is getting a SIGBUS trying to
> handle the UMASK from /etc/default/login with
> sscanf(3C);
> It just so happens that I'm using gcc-3.3.1, and I
> can't say this is definitely an OS or libC or
> compiler issue. However, the 32 bit binary works,
> and the 64 bit binary SIGBUSes. Here is a demo that
> will work whether you are YASSP/JASS hardenened or
> whatever (because the umask is hard-coded instead of
> read from /etc/default/login).
> ---cut---
> #include <stdio.h>
> #include <sys/types.h>
> #include <sys/stat.h>
> int main (){
>  char var[4] = "777\0";
>  mode_t mask;
>  printf("Test case: UMASK=%s in
> /etc/default/login.\n",var);
>  printf("Reading var for a regular octal value:
> \n");
>  sscanf(var, "%5o", &mask);
>  printf("\tUMASK=%o\n",mask);
>  printf("Reading var for a long octal value: \n");
> /*** expect a SIGBUS here ***/
>  sscanf(var, "%5lo", &mask);
>  printf("\tUMASK=%o\n",mask);
> }
> ---cut---
> This bug is in session.c. It is only exposed AKAIK
> on 64 bit binaries running on hardened (default
> umask is set) Solaris boxes. I'm not sure why
> session.c needs to sscanf a long octal. Can someone
> try this with Forte compilers? Can we get by with
> sscanf(var, "%5o", &mask)? What is the *right* thing
> to do here?
> ---
> Jeremy

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