issue with 3.7.1p2

Steve Belt (rgpg70) Steve.Belt at
Wed Oct 22 06:17:55 EST 2003


I have recently download and compiled version 3.7.1p2 of openssh, but am
having authentication issues with it.  I have been using 3.6.1p1 with no
problems.  Both versions were compiled on the same Solaris 8 host.  That
host uses ldap for its name service.  Both were compiled using the same
openssh config options:

--prefix=/opt/openssh --with-pam --with-zlib=/opt/openssh/lib

However, the 3.7.1p2 version will not let me (as a regular user) login.
I get the all-too-familiar error:

Permission denied (publickey,password,keyboard-interactive)

I did the compiles the exact same way.  Why would one compile work, but
not the other?  I would like to migrate to the newer version, since it
has some security fixes.  Is there something I need to do during
compile, or is this a runtime configuration thing?

Thanks in advance,


Steve "Wheat" Belt              Motorola, Inc.
Steve.Belt at         6501 William Cannon Dr. West, MD OE341
512-895-2268                    Austin, TX 78735

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