Help on pam authentication with Openssh3.7.1p2

mqing at mqing at
Fri Oct 24 01:05:26 EST 2003

Hi all:
I have recentely update to openssh3.7.1p2, the my pam authentication
broken. I have followed the advice to modify my configuration file
sshd_conf and set  UsePAM yes     PasswordAutentication no
     ChallengeResponseAuthentication yes

but it still doesn't work.I have modified pam.conf to this.
    sshd auth requiste     
    sshd auth required     
    sshd auth sufficient   
    sshd auth required      try_first_pass
    sshd account required  

No any improve either. Do I need to use solarisLDAP instead of OpenLdap?
Any other suggestion?

Thanks so much!

 Mei Qing

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