OpenSSH and Redhat 8

Jason McCormick jason at
Thu Oct 30 05:53:58 EST 2003


  The following steps should work for you (or anyone buildling on a 
RedHat box):

1) Get the official OpenSSH source RPM from

2) Do 'rpmbuild --rebuild ./openssh-3.7.1p2-1.src.rpm' from where you 
saved the file.

3) This should create the following files in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386:

4) Invoke 'rpm -Uvh openssh-*.rpm' to install them.

5) Assuming you're using a standard RedHat setup, make sure you edit 
/etc/ssh/sshd_config to change 'UsePAM' to yes so OpenSSH will look at 
PAM for user authentication.  Note this is a change in behavior from 
previous OpenSSH installs where PAM was enabled by default.

6) Restart - '/etc/init.d/openssh restart'

That should be all you need with Redhat 8.0.  Let me know if you run 
into more problems.  I've CCed this to the mailing list for future 
reference for all.

Jason McCormick
jason at
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