OpenSSH 3.7 released (fwd)

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Tue Feb 17 19:29:12 EST 2004

Since there never was an answer on the secureshell at list
to this question, I thought I'd ask you guys on your own list and maybe
I'll even get an answer.

If the answer involves PAM in any way, then the most obvious question
becomes "what about IRIX, Tru64, or any other platforms whose login
procedure does not have PAM?".

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Hello Markus, others,

> Changes since OpenSSH 3.6.1:
> ============================ 
> * Changes in Kerberos support:
>     - KerberosIV and AFS support has been removed.

I'm sure there's a well thought out reason behind this, but nonetheless,
I'd like to ask what your suggestion to those who continue to need AFS
login support in SSH is.

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