Change request For OpenSSH 3.8p1

John Davidorff Pell johnpell at
Sun Feb 29 10:32:30 EST 2004

He's mentioned twice: he was apparently interested in the porting 
effort, and he started work on the sftp client. ;-)

Ok, I get the point, he's done a whole lot more than most people. But 
my point wasn't that he's a nobody. As you pointed out, I have really 
no idea who he is. however, this being a Free Software package, I 
expected this kind of decision not to be made by one person, or is 
Damien the one we worship around here?

I'm not terribly interested in having threads or not having threads, it 
was the This Will Never Happen Because I Say So And Am G-d attitude 
that shocked me.

On 27 Feb 2004, at 19:42, Ben Lindstrom wrote:
> Let me give you an URL hint about how Damien Miller is

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