greater than 8 character passwords on Unixware (IA database support)

Tim Rice tim at
Fri Jul 29 11:52:47 EST 2005

On Thu, 28 Jul 2005, thirdtype+dev2 at wrote:

> I made some quick changes to support the IA security thing in Uniware
> 7.1.1. I wish I understood all of this well enough to make a proper
> patch to include new defines and what not. I tried and made a mess.

Hold tight for a little while. 
I've got a patch from Ahsan Rashid that may do what you need.
Give us some time to clean it up and test it.

> Hopefully I can get a better grasp this weekend. The only files I
> changed were xcrypt.c and Makefile.
> Makefile needed -lcrypt and -liaf added to LIBS=. It had -lcrypto but
> needed -lcrypt for bigcrypt()
> xcrypt.c needed:
> - #include <ia.h>
> - xcrypt() needed to call bigcrypt()
> - shadow_pw() needed this, although it didn't really belong there:
> uinfo_t uinfo;
> ia_openinfo(pw->pw_name, &uinfo);
> ia_get_logpwd(uinfo, &pw_password);
> ia_closeinfo(uinfo);

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