SSHD Feature Request

Senthil Kumar senthilkumar_sen at
Wed May 18 03:04:56 EST 2005

   Damien Miller wrote:
> We are pretty sure that we don't want to do this for a variety of
> reasons. But, that doesn't stop you from doing it with a little
> perl script that watches syslog and pokes addresses into your packet
> filter of choice.
> This has been discussed on the list a couple of times, pleast check the
> archives for more detailled comments.
> I have some other ideas on how to mitigate these attacks in sshd,
> hopefully I'll have time to implement them soon.

Could you please share your idea so that I have better understanding on 
such attacks and also if possible I like to involve in the implementation.

Senthil Kumar. 

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