openssh 4.3 on IRIX 5.3

Georg Schwarz at
Mon Apr 17 21:43:04 EST 2006

Thanks for your response.

Am 17.04.2006 um 03:13 schrieb Darren Tucker:

> Many of these have been fixed after the 4.3p2 release.  Could you  
> please try the latest snapshot and let us know if any still occur?

as of the 4.3p2 release the following ones are still present:

ia.h, sys/dir.h, sys/prctl.h

This is still the same with the latest snapshot. If you need further  
details please let me know.

>> lorenz 149% ./ssh -v kobe
>> OpenSSH_4.3p1, OpenSSL 0.9.7i 14 Oct 2005
>> ssh: kobe: no address associated with name
> [...]
>> There seems to be a problem with DNS resolution with 4.3p1 and p2.
>> Do you have any idea what is going wrong? Can you suggest what I   
>> should test or look for?
>> Is there a means to try step by step the changes included from  
>> 4.2p1  to 4.3p1? Thanks.
> A couple of things to try:
> 1) manually move "-lresolv" to the end of the LIBS in Makefile.  At  
> least one other system (Reliant Unix) exhibits a similar problem  
> and this is the workaround.

This library does not seem to exist on IRIX 5.3:

Can't locate file for: -lresolv

> 2) Define BROKEN_GETADDRINFO in config.h (if it's not already).

it wasn't already, but it did not make any difference either :-(

Is there a way I could try old snapshots between 4.2p1 and 4.3p1 to  
narrow down why name resolution no longer works with 4.3?

an additional remark to the current snapshort:
in packet.c please remove #include <netinet/in_systm.h> as it is  
already included through includes.h, and including it twice breaks  
things on IRIX 5.3 (actually the OS's header files should guard  
against this, but here it fails to do so)

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