hpnssh v ssh performance in local area networks

Chris Rapier rapier at psc.edu
Sat Apr 29 05:41:56 EST 2006

More results using more variables and different combinations of 
endpoints are available at


Basic conclusion is that in local area networks HPNSSH is as fast or, in 
some situations, faster that the stock version of OpenSSH. I'll be 
focusing on some of the more interesting results (doing 1000 iterations 
instead of just 100) and seeing if these conclusions are justified or 
what, if any, qualifiers are necessary.

If anyone would like to try this out for themselves the test script and 
the analysis script are available at

I'd really like to get more data in terms of different OSes, network 
speeds, latencies and so forth.

The most recent beta version of the patch is available at

Usage notes can be found here

Chris Rapier

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