New Version of HPN-SSH Patch

Chris Rapier rapier at
Fri Mar 17 06:50:08 EST 2006

[NB: General information regarding HPN-SSH can be found at ]

This is a beta release of HPN12 but I'd like to get some user 
experiences with it if anyone is so inclined. This version of the HPN 
patch more closely conforms to the openssh nomenclature and coding 
style, it eliminates the use of command line switches in favor of -o 
options, it allows the user to enable or disable tcp receive buffer size 
polling (for non-autotuning systems), allows the user to change the tcp 
buffer on a per connection basis thereby overriding the system tcp 
receive buffer up to the buffer maximum, and incorporates the none 
cipher switch. The none cipher switch  allows the user to switch to the 
none cipher after the authentication takes place. As such, 
authentication is still fully encrypted.

This is a beta release. I've not fully tested it with the new tunneling 
options that were introduced in 4.3. Also, I'm still trying to figure 
out some performance issues in LAN transfers (reports of up to a 30% 
performance hit in some circumstances). So until that is resolved this 
will be a beta.

The patch can be found at

Usage notes can be found at

As always, comments, criticism, bug fixes, and the like are greatly 
appreciated. I'll answer any questions as best I can.

Chris Rapier

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