fail to exit shell after issuing 'ssh -f .... sleep 500000'

Jochen Kirn jochen.kirn at
Sat Nov 25 02:53:34 EST 2006


Software in use:
OpenSSH-Version: 4.5p1
OpenSSL-Version: 0.98d
zlib-Version: 1.2.3
OS-Platform: AIX 5.3 ML4


when issuing following command on an AIX host:
$ ssh -2 -n -f -x -L6666:localhost:6666 -o BatchMode=yes targethost sleep
$ exit

the shell is waiting for the finish of issued command (sleep).

The expected behaviour of above command should be, that the shell would
close immediately
and the issued command (... sleep) still would run as a backgroud process.

On Solaris (tested on 5.9, 5.10) and Linux (SuSE SLES 9) above commands
perform as

When looking at the config.log i can see that configure cannot find a
platform daemon function on AIX and thus uses the openbsd-compat version of
the daemon function.

Anyone an idea how to fix this ?


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