two pieces of ethernet card,ssh very slowly.

kk gaowenk at
Fri Oct 24 22:10:15 EST 2008

I have set UseDNS to no.

Before set UseDNS to no,my pc connnecting to the the server is slowly too.

Another server is configured as same as this server,and both are IBM x3250.But that one runs very well.

I can login this server with ssh,but if login any other sshd from this server,include the server self,will be very slow,or "Connection closed by UNKNOWN".

Is someting wrong with the "ssh",

在2008-10-24,"Peter Stuge" <peter at> :
>kk wrote:
>> I login the server,then "ssh",is very slowly.why?
>> I also find execute "route",
>>  the last line (
>> "default         UG    0      0        0 eth1"
>> ) appears after 17 seconds;very slowly too.
>Your system is probably trying to look up host names in DNS.
>Investigate the UseDNS setting in sshd_config on the server to
>control this in sshd.
>For route, try route -n
>Also it does not make sense to have default router set to the local
>IP address. If a system should not have a default route, it is best
>to not set one.

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