Call for testing: OpenSSH 7.4

Tom G. Christensen tgc at
Mon Dec 19 04:05:35 AEDT 2016

On 14/12/16 01:53, Damien Miller wrote:
> Hi,
> OpenSSH 7.4 is almost ready for release, so we would appreciate testing
> on as many platforms and systems as possible.

I've tested Solaris 2.6/sparc, 7/sparc, 8/sparc and 9/x86 using HEAD 
from the git repo.

All exhihit this error:
test_utf8: ..
regress/unittests/utf8/tests.c:52 test #3 "utf8_null"
ASSERT_STRING_EQ(buf, wants) failed:
          buf = (NULL) (len zu)
        wants = (null) (len zu)
gmake[1]: *** [unit] Error 134


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