[netflow-tools] softflowd dropping packets in high speed networktraffic.

Raphael Ruiz raphaelruiz at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 22:57:07 EST 2014

Hi Varun.

I belive that you need increase the max flow active.


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I have two questions about softflowd.

1.  Is there any multithread supported version of softflowd?

2.  I have installed softflowd (Revision: 80aac3b2fec3). In case of
high speed network traffic, it starts dropping packets.
     How will it handle high speed network traffic?

I have tried it and the output is given below:

Command run:

 softflowd  -i eth3 -n -v 10 -d -t maxlife=300 -A milli

[root at varun]# softflowctl statistics

softflowd[5250]: Accumulated statistics since 2014-09-04T05:08:58 UTC:

Number of active flows: 65536
Packets processed: 181485841
Fragments: 0
Ignored packets: 38 (38 non-IP, 0 too short)
Flows expired: 65536 (0 forced)
Flows exported: 65536 in 16913 packets (0 failures)
Packets received by libpcap: 182171059
Packets dropped by libpcap: 6848371
Packets dropped by interface: 0
Expired flow statistics:  minimum       average       maximum
Flow bytes:               52368        117995        118422
Flow packets:              1218          2744          2754
Duration:                300.03s       300.21s       300.25s

Expired flow reasons:

tcp =         0   tcp.rst =         0   tcp.fin =         0
udp =         0      icmp =         0   general =         0
maxlife =     65536
over 2 GiB =         0
maxflows =         0
flushed =         0

Per-protocol statistics:     Octets      Packets   Avg Life    Max Life

            tcp (6):     7732952536    179836099     300.21s     300.25s

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