[netflow-tools] mailing list suggestions

Heath Snoek Heath at snookmz.com
Thu Jan 31 16:00:59 EST 2008

Hi list

I have been playing around with flowd over the last couple of days, so I 
would firstly like to give my thanks and congratulations to all those 
involved in the project (thanks Damien!).  I wonder if I could be so 
bold as to make a couple of observations/suggestions?

Because of the robots.txt file within the netflow-tools mailing list, it 
appears that Google is respecting the 'Disallow' tag and not indexing 
the mailing list archive.  Being that there is no search function, and 
no indexing from Google, it is difficult to search the list for 
persistent problems/questions.  My 'quick' work around:

wget -m -erobots=off http://lists.mindrot.org/pipermail/netflow-tools/
grep <query> *

Would it be worthwhile creating a FAQ, and removing indexing/adding a 
search function, a wiki for tutorials etc?

Two questions that I need to find the answer to have been asked 
previously, the first of the two has been asked twice already (not 
including my post the other day):

The logsock error:
connect to logsock: No such file or directory

Discussed in:
and my question

And a further question, asked once previously:

I've run into some issues trying to work out some of the fields that 
flowd is returning, specifically:
flow_start and flow_finish.

flow_start 4d10m5s.348 flow_finish 4d10m5s.272

Firstly, why is flow_start LATER than flow_finish, and what exactly is 
that time format (*confused*)?  I have been searching around and have 
come up with a document from Cisco.com describing netflow version 9 
datagram, which can be found here:

But it doesn't appear to describe flow_start or flow_finish, so perhaps 
this is a flowd specific naming convention?


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