secure Xapps tunnel

Deutschem deutschem at
Fri Feb 26 02:52:57 EST 2010


eventually newbie:

i want to show remote X-apps on my desktop.

now, i know from google that xhost and xauth is not the way to
so that very secure.

now, i have a ssh_config with X forwarding enabled and a server with
forwarding enabled, too.

now when i connect to server i read that ssh creates automaticaly a
Xauthory file.
So i know that this is the xauth way with supercookies etc.

but i dont want to use the xauth way, i want only tunnel xapps through

so, i try to connect theses information in my brain to really understand
theses things.

ok, now, how can i securely show xapps on my xserver with ssh ?


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